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Founded in 2010, Go Touch Down Travel and Tours is a retail travel agency that is passionately committed to and deeply invested in the destinations we sell.

Our management and advisors come from the places our clients will visit and therefore they deliver first-hand experience and insider knowledge as only a local can.

The tours we offer are curated by our suppliers exclusively for this agency and the size of our portfolio reflects the thoroughness of our selection process. Trips range from three to sixteen days or longer if you were to combine experiences. All our tours are fully guided, never exceeding six guests.

Over 9500 people have travelled with this brand since its inception. We are headquartered in the USA and run travel offices in Australia and Canada.

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Meet the CEO – Deon Barnard


  • Born in South Africa and moved to Sarasota USA in 2009
  • In 2010 was instrumental in setting up GTD retail travel company in North America
  • Creative thinker and passionate leader,with 32 yrs. experience in the travel industry
  • Responsible for the launch of the highly effective and sought after seat sale series at the biggest Travel and Adventure shows in the USA