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Every day, the tourism sector is crammed full of content being shared on various social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram. The biggest problem with content? It gets lost quickly.

Ukiyo Live breaks through the clutter by linking the establishment’s content to a Discover Now button. We guide the customer towards a product, offering them the opportunity to commit on the spot.

Ukiyo Live is a Discoverable Platform.

Whether the customer is searching for lions on a kill, cocktails and massages on the beach in Asia or sailing a yacht in the aquamarine Adriatic Sea, we’ll provide links to these images, videos and blogs; enabling them to discover relevant and engaging content with the added bonus of booking immediately.

Ukiyo Live links new content to bookings. It’s that simple.

Upmarket establishments from hotels to lodges can register their establishment, at no cost, on Ukiyo Live’s site. They’ll be provided with a dedicated page and a unique dashboard. The key incentive is to ensure that content is always fresh; using everything from images, videos and blogs to ensure the customer is discovering something new. This accelerates the establishment’s chances of converting a search into a confirmed booking. It’s a win-win.

Through a carefully curated infrastructure of social and digital media that is linked to each piece of content, Ukiyo Live brings significant data to the industry that will allow for dynamic consumer travel behavior.

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Meet the CEO – ‌Richard de la Rey


  • Started his career in hospitality in 1987 as a guide at a lodge in the Greater Kruger National Park
  • Managing Director and owner of Dark Giraffe Marketing for the past 22 years
  • Has worked with many top brands in the hospitality industry
  • Obtained his Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing in 2000