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Booking Engine meets Social Media is the unique concept of Ukiyo.

Millions of travel related content is posted daily, but never before has one had the opportunity to book your travel linked directly to this content.

The Ukiyo website allows establishments the opportunity to load real-time content that is shared through our software. So, whether the consumer is searching for lions on a kill or cocktails on the beach, we will provide links to those images, videos or even blogs, enabling the potential client to discover the destination of their dreams and book immediately.

Through a carefully curated infrastructure of social and digital media that is linked to each piece of content, we will bring significant data to the industry that will allow for dynamic consumer travel behaviour. This will be linked to an advertising platform, which will for the first time in history, give the tourism industry the ability to place paid-content in front of the consumer – based on the way consumers utilize or search content.

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Meet the CEO – ‌Richard de la Rey


  • Started his career in hospitality in 1987 as a guide at a lodge in the Greater Kruger National Park
  • Managing Director and owner of Dark Giraffe Marketing for the past 22 years
  • Has worked with many top brands in the hospitality industry
  • Obtained his Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing in 2000